Reminders from your Dog Control Officer


Reminders from your Dog Control Officer:

*If your dog is missing, or if you find a dog roaming, call the Dog Control Officer.

*All dogs must be licensed through the Town Clerk's office.  When renewing your dog license, rabies information must be provided to the Town Clerk to be kept on file.  if the rabies information is not updated, licenses cannot be given or renewed.   If you do not have a copy, you may send along the original copy of the current rabies information, and it will be copied and returned to you with your license.

The cost of dog licenses is $14 if your dog is not spayed/neutered, and $6 if it is.

* Keep a tag on your dog with your name and address and phone number so that in the event your dog becomes lost, and we find him/her, we can notify you. If we find a dog with no identification, we have to take the animal to Creekside Kennel.  The fee to retrieve the dog is $35.00 per day. After the fifth day the dog will be put up for adoption. 

*Check the Dog Ordinance of the Town of Schaghticoke on the Zoning portion of this Website for our Dog Law regulations.

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